Welcome to the autumn

To move or not to move? We look at what to look for in a smallholding and how to make the most of where you already live. A check list of questions to answer leads to ideas on what you can do on your patch of land. Sheep owners go the full circle with a look at the cycle of life – getting ewes in good condition for breeding and managing growing lambs for breeding or for meat. There is a close up look at the Texel sheep. Our increasing fibre section looks at learning to dye,and how to ply your hand spun yarn Pygmy goats are the focus in the goat section together with considerations for rehoming your goats while buying and selling Alpacas and the origins of Llamas, Guanacos and Vicunas are examined to help management here in the UK. A vet answers your questions and a list of jobs for the autumn is a helpful guide.

Also included is a full show diary for smallholders and farmers and an extensive directory of breeders, services and clubs for sheep, goats and alpacas. The listings are free – just click on the link to add yours. The complete magazine for the sheep, goat and alpaca enthusiast. We love to hear from readers so if you have a story or a view email us on sga.ed@kelsey.co.uk